About BitDomain.BIZ

Why? Free speech in digital publishing is at risk!

BitDomain.BIZ was founded in late 2011 by three crypto and privacy enthusiasts. We find it fascinating to live in a world where currencies are not in the hand of government controlled central banks anymore. We belief that through the use of crypto currency a higher degree of democracy, freedom and more civil rights are achieved. The rest of the internet however is facing an increasing pressure of being controlled by governments or government agencies. Edward Snowden revealed that intelligence agencies all over the world basically have full access to the complete internet traffic. China is controlling the internet access for years already and is sanctioning undesired publications sometimes even with death.

We want to contribute to the right of free speech and to privacy protected online publishing. We do not want to accept a world where every step you take in the digital world is recorded, analyzed, controlled and maybe even sanctioned if undesired by the political system you live in. We believe that fighting for a privacy protected digital sphere is an honorable cause making the world a little bit better.

How? Use technology for privacy protection!

Digital publishing is a reality for most of the inhabitants of this planet. Publishing content in social networks or in digital forums has become a usual habit for most of us. This content is either monopolized by big internet companies such as Facebook or Google and/or recorded by governments. So either your content is being monetized by internet corporates or you are being controlled by the country you live in.

We want to bring the freedom of free speech back into online publishing. Whereas many democratic countries still pretend that free speech is guaranteed by law, sometime even by the constitution, reality is always different. The only possibility to bring free speech back into online publishing is thus not through law or politics but by using technology to make anonymous publications possible and making a trace back hard to impossible.

What? Anonymous purchase of digital products for digital publishing!

We offer all type of digital products such as domain names, server space and SSL encryption certificates that you require for digital publishing. But we offer all of that to be purchased anonymously through the acceptance of crypto currency only. In addition to that you will get all the the features and services that you need to truly remain anonymous for free. For example our privacy protection for domain names comes for free. Register anonymous domains through BitDomain.BIZ and help the world bringing back free speech into digital publishing.