BitDomain.BIZ - Anonymous Domain Registration for free

BitDomain.BIZ is a domain registrar for a wide range of top level domains and other digital products such as hosting, SSL certificates, etc. required for online publishing. What sets us apart from other registrars is that we take your privacy protection seriously. Our mission is to bring free speech back into digital publishing. Domains, Hosting, etc. is only truly anonymous if the payment can't be traced back to you. The payment is usually the weak point as could be seen in the incident that happened between Mastercard and Wikileaks or Paypal and Wikileaks. To secure and protect your privacy when you are paying we only accept crypto currencies. Cryptocurrencies can hardly be traced back to you. That gives you a high amount of security and anonymity.

Besides that we offer free add-ons to keep your identity safe:

Anonymous domain registration for free

For every* domain registration you will get the privacy protection for free. This means: no additional cost for an anonymous domain registration. Your personal data such as your name or your address is always kept safe and never displayed in the publicly accessible WHOIS database.

Anonymous domain transfer for free

If you already own a domain name and wish to start today to protect your identity and your privacy, you can easily transfer your domain to our registration service. There are no additional costs to do so and on top you will get a fully anonymous domain transfer for free.

Anonymous server hosting for free

Shared hosting or dedicated servers can be purchased through a fully anonymous payment process using crypto currencies only. Once you have your server up and running you can proceed with anonymous domain registration for free.

Anonymous email hosting for free

Anonymous email hosting can be purchased fully anonymously using our crypto currency based checkout process. Email hosting requires an existing or new domain name. We recommend to make use of our anonymous domain registration for free.

* Privacy Protection is not supported by .中文网, .ASIA, .US, .PRO, .TEL, .SX, .BERLIN, .COM.CN, .NET.CN, .ORG.CN, .CO.IN, .NET.IN, .ORG.IN, .GEN.IN, .FIRM.IN, .IND.IN, .CO.UK, .ME.UK, .ORG.UK, .CO.DE, .RU, .CO.NZ, .NET.NZ, .ORG.NZ, .EU, .ES, .COM.AU, .NET.AU, .在线, .DE, .COM.RU, .NET.RU, .ORG.RU, .CN, .IN, .CA