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Your privacy matters!

Being present on the internet is increasingly accompanied by serious risks such as identity theft, harassment and governmental surveillance to name just a few.

We are taking these threats seriously. To do so we have developed a way to offer you TRULY ANONYMOUS DOMAINS. Unlike other registrars we do not only offer free privacy protection so that your name and adress is never displayed in the publicly accessible whois database. Domains are only truly anonymous if the payment can't be traced back to you. The payment is usually the weak point as could be seen in the incident that happend between Mastercard and Wikileaks or Paypal and Wikileaks. To secure and protect your privacy when you are paying we only accept bitcoin. This cryptocurrency can hardly be traced back to you and gives you a high amount of security and anonymity.

If you already own a domain name and wish to start today to protect yourself, you can easily transfer your domain to our registration service. There are no additional costs to do so.

We take your desire for privacy protection seriously. Contact us today if you need further information.